Pacifica Cafe

My parents wanted to take my husband and I out to dinner on Saturday, so I thought this was a good opportunity to try Pacifica Cafe.  Pacifica Cafe specializes in Shanghainese cuisine, but they also serve dishes from China, Thailand, Singapore and Japan.  I’ve heard great things about the place, especially their eight treasure duck so I called on Thursday to pre-order the dish since it has to be pre-ordered 48 hours in advance because it needs to be steamed for 2 days!  It was worth the wait because everything was absolutely delicious.  My parents are pretty harsh critics of authentic Chinese food and they thought all the food was great too.  We started off with the pre-ordered eight treasure duck, which is a boneless duck stuffed with sticky rice, sausages, nuts and  mushrooms and wrapped in a lotus leaf and steamed for 2 days.  I love sticky rice and everything combined together was just perfect.  This was my dad’s favorite dish of the night.

Then after my mom, being the typical Asian mom, asked the tables around us what they ordered, we had the giant hot pot which contained assorted vegetables, meats, dumplings and seafood in broth and served in a clay pot.  This was my mom’s favorite dish of the night and it was delicious to have on a cold, rainy night.

 Finally, we ordered the chef’s famous fish which was slices of flounder with wood ear mushrooms in a white wine sauce.  I wish we had started with this dish because while it was very tasty, it was a bit disappointing after the first two superb dishes.

We all loved our dinner at Pacifica Cafe and the owner was very warm and welcoming.  The service was also great and our waitress was very attentive.  I highly recommend trying Pacifica Cafe and it might be a good idea to make reservations and check their menu ahead of time in case you want to pre-order some of their specialties.

Pacifica Cafe

621 Center Point Way
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
(Kentlands Market Square)
(301) 519-3113

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