Iceland Trip Day 4- Vatnsnes Peninsula and Akureyri

The next morning, we left Saeberg Hostel and drove around the Vatnsnes Peninsula around Hunafloi Bay.  According to our guidebooks, there are seal colonies along the periphery of the Vatnsnes Peninsula, but we didn’t see any.  In Osar, we stopped to admire Hvitserkur, which is a M shaped natural rock formation with a bird colony residing on it.


View from the Vatnsnes Peninsula

Next, we continued driving on the Ring Road to Akureyri.  Akureyri is the largest city in North Iceland and is a very quaint little town with lovely views and little shops and cafes.


We stopped for lunch at Greifinn and had the 1290 kr (~$11) lunch special of thai curry, which was tasty, but strange to be eating in Iceland.

Thai curry at Greifinn

Then, we checked into our hostel and then explored the town.  We stayed in a dormitory style room with bathrooms which also had a kitchen and dining area which was 3100 kr a night (~$25).

Akureyri Hostel

We browsed through some of the little shops and walked along the water, which was beautiful.  We also went to the Akureyri Art Museum, which was not very impressive.  And we also went to see the Akureyri Church.  Then, we stopped by a bakery to try some of Akureyri’s famous dark rye bread.  We also went to Laxdalshus, which is now a restaurant and is also the oldest house in Akureyri.


After making another grocery trip to Bonus because Easter weekend was coming up and everything would be closed, we returned to our hostel to make dinner and relax for the evening.


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