Istanbul Trip Accomodations

The first part of our honeymoon was to Istanbul which we both loved because of the history and culture.  We used Rick Steves’ Istanbul guidebook as well as looking at resources online as our guide and we covered a lot of ground and tried a lot of amazing food!

We took advantage of all my Delta frequent flier miles to book 2 tickets for this trip and had a pleasant flight flying from IAD connecting through JFK and then flying to Istanbul the beginning of October 2011.  All visitors to Turkey from the United States need to purchase a 90 day stay visa at the airport when you arrive for $20.  We had no problems purchasing the visa and going through customs and our hotel picked us up from the airport and whisked us away to the hotel when we arrived.  We stayed at Sokullu Pasa Hotel, which is located in the historic district, a short walk from the Blue Mosque.  We chose the hotel for the convenient location and we liked the Turkish feel that the hotel had while still looking simple and modern.   We stayed in a Deluxe room which was 165 euro per night.  The hotel also offers extras like airport transfers, private tours and meals at the hotel restaurant.  Breakfast is included in the price of the room.  Our deluxe room had a sitting area as well as a jacuzzi tub, which was great!  

Deluxe room at Sokulla Pasa Hotel in Istanbul

Jacuzzi tub at Sokullu Pasa Hotel in Istanbul

This hotel also had one of the best breakfast buffets I’ve ever had.  There was so much variety and everything as so delicious!

Part of the breakfast spread at Sokullu Pasa Hotel

We had a great stay at Sokulla Pasa Hotel.  We received great service, the room was beautiful and everything was very, very clean.  We also had a dinner at the hotel one night, which I will describe more in one of my trip posts.  If you’re heading a Istanbul, consider staying at Sokullu Pasa Hotel!


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