Hi, I’m Sarah.  I’m a newlywed with a sense of adventure.  Traveling around the world, trying new things and new foods and embarking on culinary adventures are my passions in life.  I’m a pediatric physical therapist by day and a cook/baker/foodie/adventurer by night.  I’m currently transitioning to life with my wonderful husband, who is not quite as adventurous as me, which is an entirely new adventure that I am now embarking on. Although I know my husband would sometimes much rather stay home and eat Doritos, I’m blessed that he is willing to eat whatever I put in front of him (even if brussel sprouts are involved) and travel to distant lands with me. We both live busy, hectic lives in the DC area and try to make time for enjoying delicious, healthy meals and exploring the world together. This blog is a way for me to chronicle my adventures.

I hope that I will encourage you to be more adventurous in the kitchen and in your travels.  If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would be baking my own bread and driving around Iceland someday, I would never have believed them.    And now that’s the life I’m living and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My Cooking

I strive to prepare healthy and well-balanced meals for my friends and loved ones. As I have become more adventurous in the kitchen, I have started trying to make as many dishes from scratch as possible simply because it is healthier, more inexpensive and exciting. I also try to use organic ingredients as often as possible for delicious and nutritious meals. If I have not cited a recipe or source a recipe, then it is an original recipe cooked up in my kitchen.

I am new to blogging, so please bear with me as I learn! Feel free to contact me with comments, questions, suggestions, etc!

Email: theadventurouswife@gmail.com.

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